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A couple of weeks ago we asked on Instagram stories for your children’s teeth and toothbrushing questions. Our friends at Linden Lodge Dental Practice were delighted to help and here, Dr Matthew Roach answers your questions.

Do children need to floss? If so from what age?

No, flossing is only recommended once all adult teeth are erupted. Establishing a correct tooth brushing technique at an early age is much more important.

Is it better for children to brush their teeth before or after breakfast?

This is a very debateable topic. With pros and cons for both before and after. As long as teeth are brushed twice a day, with the most important time being just before bedtime. 

Electric or manual toothbrush?

For children over the age of 6 an electric toothbrush is recommended, making sure they are using it properly with the correct technique.

Is dried fruit a bad snack choice?

Yes, dried fruit such as raisins are a high risk decay food due to their high sugar content and sticky consistency. 

Any advice on giving sweet treats?

Sweet treats are best eaten straight after a meal and eaten all at once. It is important to avoid “grazing” throughout the day.

My little one won’t drink water, is weak diluted squash bad for teeth?

Yes, diluted squash is still an acidic drink and can cause decay and wearing of the enamel. Water is always the best option.

Thank you to Dr Matthew Roach and the Linden Lodge Dental & Referral Centre, 17 Linden Road, Clevedon, North Somerset BS21 7SR.

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