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  • My little boy immediately understood how the bus worked. I used it to stop having to continually ask him to sit at the table at mealtimes and to get in the bath. He now sits down or gets in straight away to earn a person on his bus. The reward he asks for is always simple but he is so motivated to get it. It has also helped him with his numbers as he always working out how many more he needs to fill the bus. It has been brilliant and I get to the end of the day without feeling sick of the sound of my voice!

    Emma, Mum to William, age 3
  • We have been using the red bus for a month now and absolutely love it. My 2.5 year old, vehicle mad, twin boys understood the concept of it very quickly and it has definitely helped with meal times. They both talk about putting people on their “good boy bus” and like it when it's full as they get a sticker. One has the top row and the other the bottom row. I would absolutely recommend the bus. Great quality product and reward system.

    Christine Dickson, Mum of twin boys
  • I have used the TOTSUP reward bus as a tool for better behaviour in school. I'm a supply teacher so having a short term achievable reward system that works is essential. This is positive as it works alongside class teacher reward systems. This product has ticked all boxes and has delivered. What I love is that I have used it from nursery up to year 6 and even the older children adore it. It's bold, visual and so, so simple to use. The children take control with loading people on bus and the privilege to do so is a real treat. When used in a day I have made the reward 10 minutes play outside in the afternoon, a show and tell session, or one person equals one minutes golden time, the opportunities are endless! I can see this working for a full time class teacher running alongside golden time etc as a whole class reward. Therefore building on whole class better behaviour and work. Well done I love the product!

    A. Munro, Supply Teacher & Mum of two
  • We were sent this wonderful little toddler reward system just before Christmas! It has transformed both the way we manage our toddler's behaviour and how our toddler reacts to his emotions. It's very easy to use and very simple. Our 2 year old gets so excited about behaving well so that he can put a passenger on the bus and work towards getting a reward. It has helped us manage tantrums and with putting him to bed. We are very grateful that we have been able to get our hands on such a brilliant reward system!

    Ethan & Joanna Wilkinson
  • Jack (aged 3) excitedly received the Big Red Bus at the start of this year and has been happily using it since. Every morning he asks if he can add more passengers to the bus, where we explain that he can if he continues to show better behaviour. We have used the bus to reward positive behaviours, such as using the toilet, eating meals at the table, being kind & caring towards Jack's new baby sister etc. It has worked a treat! I would highly recommend this reward chart to any parent, as its innovative design appeals to both adults & children and it's fun & easy to use.

    Rebecca Butler, Mum to Jack age 3 and baby Iris
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