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BRAND NEW: Magnetic Tooth Brushing Chart with a 2-minute suction timer, days of the week and 14 ‘teeth’, to help your little ones learn better oral heath routines.

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Make good toothbrushing habits great fun with this bright, bold and engaging Magnetic Tooth Brushing Chart.

This Magnetic Tooth Brushing Chart features a friendly crocodile, a 2-minute sand timer, 70 uniquely designed reward stickers and comes with 14 magnetic ‘teeth’. These are placed into the space for the correct day of the week, upon each successful 2-minute brushing.

A recent article in the British Dental Journal* stated that ‘…46% of parents were worried about their child’s teeth, as a result of trying to get them to brush’. Poor and insufficient tooth brushing in childhood, both in terms of time and regularity, have been proven to result in significant oral health problems in later life.

The TotsUp Magnetic Tooth Brushing Chart has been developed to help make tooth brushing less stressful for parents and more fun for little ones. This bold, bright and engaging chart easily affixes to a bathroom mirror with the 2-minute timer suction cup.

The 14 magnetic ‘teeth’ are placed on the lily pad and are moved into Croc’s mouth on the relevant morning or evening space, following a successful 2-minute brush, which also helps with the familiarisation of the days of the week.

Created, designed and developed in Britain, this high-quality product is hardwearing, can be wiped clean and is made to last.

  • MAKING GOOD TOOTH BRUSHING GREAT FUN: This mum invented chart, makes brushing more fun for little ones and less stressful for parents.
  • HELPS PREVENT TOOTH DECAY: Research shows that 2-minute tooth brushing twice a day, can help reduce the risk of tooth decay.
  • ENCOURAGES POSITIVE HABIT FORMING: Promotes a regular and positive approach to tooth brushing for your child.
  • DENTIST APPROVED: Includes top-tips from an eminent dentist, to help with oral hygiene.
  • ACTS AS A VISUAL PROMPT: The bright, bold, colourful and interactive design is the perfect visual reminder, for oral health routines.
  • PROMOTES REGULAR 2-MINUTE TOOTH BRUSHING ROUTINES: Includes a 2-minute sand timer, to help brush in line with NHS guidelines for children’s brushing.
  • CREATED, DESIGNED AND DEVELOPED IN GREAT BRITAIN: This is another high-quality product from TotsUp – helping to make parenting a little bit easier.

*Sept. 2018

Credit: Lifestyle photos provided by Olivia Keep Photography.

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Dimensions 23.6 × 16.8 cm

2 reviews for Magnetic Tooth Brushing Chart

  1. Amazon Customer Review

    Bought this for my 4 year old. He likes to be independent but wasn’t brushing for the full 2 minutes, even using a timer on my phone or Alexa.
    This chart has been a game changer though, and from day one of having it, he has brushed his teeth well.
    He loves being able to put a tooth on the crocodile and at the dentist last week, who praised him on his good teeth, he told her all about the chart and she was impressed.
    Highly recommended this chart.

  2. Amazon Customer Review

    Bought this for my grandson, who has never been keen on tooth brushing. He loves crocodiles, so I hoped this would help. It’s been better than I could have hoped – he is mesmerised by the timer and really motivated to fill the croc’s mouth. Two-minutes tooth brushing twice a day has become a breeze! Another great product! Thanks TotsUp!

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