Magnetic Red Bus Reward Chart

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The multi award-winning 3D Magnetic Red Bus Reward Chart, with 10 passengers and adhesive letters to personalise your bus.

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This bright, bold, 3D bus comes with 10 magnetic passengers, who start their journey on the bus stop. Each time your child achieves they choose a passenger to place on the bus…until the bus is full.

Encourage a ‘story telling’ approach by naming the passengers, talking about where the bus is heading and encouraging little ones to achieve their goals.

This set includes a magnetic bus and bus stop, road, bus stop base, 10 magnetic passengers and adhesive letters to personalise the bus with your child’s name, which allows them to have full ‘ownership’ of their bus. Instructions are also included, which compliment more in-depth instructions and helpful tips and advice available on the HERE.

Developed with input from Early Years’ Educators and endorsed by an Educational Psychologist, it is high-quality, hardwearing, wipe clean and comes in a beautiful matte finished box for storage and is an entirely designed and manufactured British product.

Unlike many charts, the Magnetic Bus Reward Chart does not use lines and columns, which can be confusing and difficult for little ones to understand; instead, it simply has 10 windows where a passenger is placed each time the child achieves a goal. This also helps with 1-10 number recognition.

The chart can be used to tackle any tricky behaviours such as tantrums, fussy eating, difficult bedtimes and early waking. Or to instil and cement new routines such as potty or toilet training, sleep and bathroom routines, table manners or getting dressed.

Research shows that using a reward chart can significantly and positively impact on children’s behaviour and that positive reinforcement can help to build children’s self-esteem. In tests, 92% of parents who trialled the Red Bus said it ‘positively impacted on their child’s behaviour’ and 96% said they ‘would recommend it to a friend’.

  • MAKING PARENTING A LITTLE BIT EASIER: Helps to address, improve and eliminate difficult behaviours and instil and motivate new habits and routines.
  • FANTASTIC RESULTS: 92% of parents say the Red Bus has positively impacted on their child’s behaviour. 96% would recommend it to a friend.
  • FUN & EASY TO UNDERSTAND: A simple, effective way of motivating, encouraging and rewarding better behaviour. This magnetic reward chart encourages a storytelling approach; little ones’ love to name the passengers, talk about where the bus might be heading, as well as their own journeys and experiences.
  • EXTENDED INTERACTION: Perfect for use with our range of other magnetic passengers including WoodlandAnimal and Emergency Key Workers.
  • ENDORSED BY PROFESSIONALS: The Red Bus Reward Chart for children is Educational Psychologist and Early Years’ Educator approved and has won numerous nursery and toddler industry awards.
  • ACCOMPANYING iOS APP AVAILABLE: Perfect for continuity of reward and encouraging better behaviour when out and about. The only combined app and reusable reward chart system on the market. Available to download HERE.

2 reviews for Magnetic Red Bus Reward Chart

  1. Amazon Customer Review

    * UPDATE* Just wanted to say what a life saver the bus has been over the past few weeks in ‘lockdown’. My daughter has said how well the boys have responded to new routines – like home schooling – using the bus to help them adjust! Didn’t know where to say thank you to TotsUp, so I thought I’d put it here!!

    Super product! This is the second red bus reward chart I have purchased, as I bought one for each of my grandsons. It is lovely quality – really robust and comes beautifully packaged. It’s worked brilliantly with bedtimes and the boys (aged 4 and 6) completely understand the idea and are very motivated by it. Currently using it for table manners and eating. Highly recommend it.

  2. Amazon Customer Review

    This is without doubt the best quality reward chat I have seen. It is genuinely head and shoulders above the rest and I love that so much thought and effort have so clearly gone into its concept, designing and production. My son adored this and it was so different from the (dull) idea of stickers that it really fired him into trying to ‘earn’ the passenger. The colours are bright, it is beautifully cut and easy to assemble. Please could we have some more themes in addition to the bus? I have found this company to be engaging, passionate about their product and outstanding to deal with. A pleasure all round. So yes, a bit of fan for this one!

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