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Positive Parenting with TOTSUP

A note from the creator…


“Whether it’s using the potty, sitting round the table, sleeping through the night, tidying up or sharing toys, the TOTSUP Big Red Bus can help children on their way. I know – I developed it to encourage the good behaviour I wanted to see from my own children.

“Ten magnetic characters are waiting on a bus stop. After deciding on the good behaviour to be rewarded, and a fun reward, children get to move one friendly little face from the bus stop onto the bus each time they succeed in doing what they set out to. And if you’re out and about, download the App so you can continue adding passengers. When the bus is full, it’s reward time.

“For example, each time a child puts their clothes away, one person is taken from the bus stop and moved onto the bus. After ten successful tidying sessions, the bus is full, the bedroom is tidy, and a trip to the park has been well earned.

“To read more about my positive parenting journey with the TOTSUP Big Red Bus, visit my blog.”

Sally Marks,
Graphic designer, teacher and Mum of two.

The science bit…


“Research has shown that encouraging positive behaviours with fun and timely rewards can have a remarkable effect in many children. Particularly between the ages of 2 and 6, when little ones are often having to learn repetitive tasks that to grown-ups might be obvious and necessary, but to children seem terribly dull.

“Acknowledgement and praise is therefore crucial, and these positive messages can be aided by using a reward chart like the TOTSUP Big Red Bus. With the visual reminder and injection of fun, children can find it easier to engage with and achieve their goals.”

Emma Leigh
Chartered Educational Psychologist
BSC (Hons), MSc, PGCE, C.Psychol.


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